Futures Rambling was initially an internal newsletter aimed at  interior designers, its intention was and still is  to bring an awareness of the broader issues organsations deal with on a daily basis, that influence their decision-making on workplace design. My hope is  that with greater knowledge and a broader context, designers will be encouraged to not only ask different questions, but develop richer briefs that  will lead to more  innovative design solutions. This will also help them to develop a narritive to describe the power of space that goes beyond ‘design speak’.

I believe space matters and linking design solutions to an organisations business, brand and culture is the first step in unleasing its potential.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Laurie, I have enjoyed reading your writing. It gave me a lot of thoughts. I wonder how i can improve my words and express myself properly. Thanks. Angela

  2. I have just read your must recent post and found it very informative and thought provoking, so keep up the good work, I will spread the word. Thanks.

  3. Remember all of those dumps I lived in out west? Well, now you know the types of places I work in!

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